Vlasta's Favorite Josu Salts


Vlasta's favorite trio includes her Slavic Dill Pickle Salt (for pickling, marinades, rubs, and toppings), Josu Garlic Chive Salt (for literally everything) and Josu Just Salt (for anything in need of a boost).

As an immigrant, nostalgia for my home and childhood often guides me in the foods and flavors I enjoy. I look for things that taste "just like my grandma made it." When the team at Josu approached me to create a new salt flavor, I knew I wanted to share a piece of my heritage with you and create a taste that represents my ancestry. This Dill Pickle salt reminds me of all the family gatherings, birthdays, and weddings where the table, according to Slavic tradition, is filled to the brim with various foods. It reminds me of being a carefree child munching on a pickle amidst a booming celebration. This salt is ideal for pickling, marinades, meat rubs, as a topping on a baked potato, for pelmeni, hearty soups and much more. I hope it will inspire you to create dishes to share with your community!