Salt with a story

On our farm on Imjado, we capture pristine seawater from the mineral-rich wetlands of Korea’s Southwestern coastline. The water first goes to holding ponds where the sun’s rays begin to dehydrate and concentrate the water.

As the long summer days slowly evaporate the water, the concentrated seawater is slowly moved from the holding ponds onto black, ceramic drying beds, leaving behind a saline crust saturated with beneficial minerals.

Once dried, our family members sweep the sun-baked salt particles from the beds and transport the natural salt to be cured.

As the salt ages for more than a year, it expels additional moisture and the flavor becomes mellow, integrated, and refined.

Once cured, the salt is shipped to our processing facility in the United States where it is meticulously ground, crafted into a number of delicious flavor blends, and packaged. From our family farm to your family’s kitchen, Josu salt arrives ready to inspire a culinary experience with dishes that transport your taste buds and your dinner parties. We’re proud to join your set of beloved not-so-secret ingredients.