Just Salt


Our original salt is the purest form of prized Korean sea salt, rich with minerals. It enhances flavor as you cook and adds a splash of ocean freshness to finished dishes.

We love to use this salt in our Salted Tahini Swirl Brownies.

Ingredients: Sea Salt

What does it mean to be mineral-rich?

While ordinary table and kosher salts are made up of 100% sodium chloride, our salts contain a range of minerals essential for good health. Our traditional and natural process results in a precious Korean grey salt, that boasts some of the highest concentrations of calcium, potassium, and magnesium of any edible salt in the world.

What is cheonilyeom salt?

Cheonilyeom translates quite literally to "Sky-Day-Salt" and describes the traditional process for making Korean salt that we still use to this day. Solar Salt or Sun-Dried Salt is harvested from the sea then naturally dried in salt flats by the sun. This results in an earthier tasting salt with a larger/coarser grain!