Josu Journey V2 - Delicious Dining, Electric Snacks, and Heartfelt Drama!

Josu Journey V2 - Delicious Dining, Electric Snacks, and Heartfelt Drama!

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Ready to spice up your life? Dive into Joodooboo's flavor-packed dishes, get a buzz from 50 Hertz's electrifying Tingly Nuts, and indulge in the feels with K Drama - Ode to My Father. Let's make some tasty memories together!

Joodooboo Restaurant

Hae-Sin's mom is a fantastic cook. For the two or three months a year they visit, I'm banished from the kitchen. So it is rare that we take her to a Korean restaurant that measures up to her standards. Joodooboo did.

Steve Joo, the founder of Joodooboo, has created a deli/cafe in Oakland that centers on delivering delicious, nourishing food using farm-fresh produce, aiming to bring the community together over meals. Joodooboo features daily house-made organic tofu and banchan (the side dishes essential to traditional Korean meals) made from local and seasonal ingredients. Steve was inspired by his travels in Korea, where he learned to make tofu with a distinct creaminess and a hint of saltiness that highlights the sweetness and inherent nuttiness of the soybeans. Halmuni (Hae-Sin’s mom) found it to be both delicious and the perfect amount of food for lunch.

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50 Hertz Tingly Peanuts

Yao Zhao, founder of 50Hertz Foods, was inspired during a visit to Chongqing for Chinese New Year when his mother crafted a cucumber salad with local green Sichuan pepper oil, evoking memories of his childhood. Bringing a bottle back to the U.S., he introduced it to guests alongside Thomas Keller's mushroom pasta, where its unique floral aroma and tingling sensation were a hit. Recognizing its potential beyond Chinese cuisine, Yao began selling green Sichuan pepper oil in April 2020. Just two months later, The New York Times recognized its novelty, describing it as "an oil that tingles and transforms".

He's now on a mission to bring the floral aroma and delightful tingling sensation from Sichuan peppers to your food and drinks.

Check out their Peanuts here!

Ode to My Father

Ok, this is a weepy one. "Ode to My Father" is a poignant story that spans several decades of Korean history, offering a deeply emotional and personal narrative against the backdrop of significant national events. It’s sometimes compared to “Forrest Gump” for narrating history through the eyes of an ordinary man living in extraordinary times.

The movie follows the life of Yoon Deok-soo, who is torn from his father and sister in the at the beginning of the war and makes a promise to his father to take care of his family. The movie follows him through the overnment-sponsored migration of Korean miners and nurses to Germany in the 1960s and '70s, the Vietnam War and the show “Finding Disbursed Families”, which was national broadcast trying to find and connect families torn apart by the war. Yes, they find her.

Watching with my parents helped bring to life stories that my father has told only sparingly - crossing the DMZ as a child, leaving behind dozens of family members and the turbulent times after the war as they tried to create a new home. It’s worth a watch.

You can watch it here:

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Enjoy the Journey!

- Hae-Sin