Kimchimari's Korean Chili Salt


Korean Chili Salt is great for making light refreshing Korean-style salads (muchim) or simply for seasoning vegetables for more of a kimchi-like dish (with the addition of fresh garlic). The amazing blend of salt, Korean red chili powder (gochugaru), and onion will give you that extra little spice kick that you will love just on anything.

Try it on vegetables with some oil then saute or grill it. Steam your veggies then sprinkle some of this magic salt then a splash of lemon juice or vinegar to give it life.

To make a kimchi-like dish, sprinkle the salt along with some fresh garlic and fish sauce on whatever veggies you want to use.  Then let it sit for a few minutes. You will have a wonderful fresh Kimchi (we call it Geojeori) that you can eat without fermentation. I recommend radish, cabbage, and cucumbers for the most kimchi-like side dish.

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