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"Honestly, Josu won me over immediately with the taste. It’s just so GOOD. I love salt, I use salt, I have a lot of salt in my kitchen, so it wasn’t a surprise that I dug the flavor — but it was the story, the humans, that drew me in. Josu truly is a family business, built on community and connection, and I’m so proud that my very first co-branded product [Spicy Citrus] is part of this amazing line."

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Josu x Becca
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Spicy Citrus Salt

Becca is known for always ordering the spiciest thing on the menu and quite literally used to drink salsa as a baby, so when Josu approached her about creating a custom salt flavor, she knew it had to have a kick. Inspired by her life in Los Angeles, she loved the idea of balancing the chili with a bit of citrus. Using orange for a hint of sweetness, the flavor was immediately reminiscent of one of Becca’s favorite snacks - a fresh avocado with a slice of orange and lime squeezed on top, sprinkled with salt and chili powder. The Spicy Citrus Salt pairs well with tomatoes, is perfect on roasted fall vegetables, fashions the most excellent margarita rim, and made quite the debut on TikTok in her signature Friendsgiving dish.


Green Goddess Salt

The first time Becca visited Italy, she returned home with a wine-sized bottle of seasoned salt from a local Tuscan butcher shop. The ingredients simply listed "salt and herbs," and Becca found herself using it on just about everything. When it came time to create her second custom Josu salt flavor, Becca knew that she wanted to craft something just as versatile as that now-dwindling bottle. Green Goddess Sea Salt is inspired by SoCal summers, with a blend of aromatic herbs and a little lemon peel for a citrusy bite. Perfect on all kinds of eggs, grilled vegetables, baguette with butter and radish, sprinkled on a salad or mixed into dips and dressings, Green Goddess Sea Salt is also a wonderful complement to Becca’s first Josu collab, Spicy Citrus Salt. (Seriously, try them together on some avocado toast.)

Josu Just Salt

"I think salt is a kitchen staple (you should see my pantry). And this salt is one of the best O*&^(^% salts I've tasted."

Josu Garlic Chive

"Garlic Chive is a delicious addition to any savory dish, and can even be combined with Green Goddess to add a garlicky kick."

About Becca

Becca is a photographer and content creator who has built a career empowering folks to feel comfortable in their skin, exactly as they are. After ditching diet culture in her own life, Becca discovered intuitive eating and found peace in the kitchen by focusing on “no recipes, just vibes.” She feels most herself when traveling the world, experiencing new places through food and conversation, and wandering her local farmer’s market with her partner on Sundays, eating pupusas and grabbing whatever seasonal items catch their eye.

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Becca's Signature Friendsgiving Recipe with Spicy Citrus Salt

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What Our Customers Say

Spicy, tart, and salty delicious

Use for meats or roasted veggies, or even the rim of a mezcal cocktail

Dava G.

Verified Buyer

The only salt I want to use!

I love Josu salts, but Becca’s Spicy Citrus Salt takes it to a whole other level! This set will not disappoint—until the jar is empty.


Verified Buyer

Spicy citrus salt is amazingly delicious

I really love the versatility of the spicy citrus salt. It’s earned a place at the table as a staple condiment. Please make it a permanent Josu product.


Verified Buyer

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Delicious Salts

I loved the flavor of the citrus and aged salt. All of the salts I have tried were delicious and balanced. They pair great with almost everything I have tried them on. The company is responsive and delivery is fast.

- Janis S.

Super Delicious - Must Have Salts for Your Kitchen

All the Josu salts are full of flavor on their own and enhance the flavor of whatever I add them to. Soups, meats, pasta, salad, fresh sliced heirloom tomato (a fave!), I'm reaching for the Josu Salts. Highly recommend!

- Celeste S.

Best salt ever!

This salt blend has literally changed my life. The added flavor boost that it gives to my normal everyday dinners is unmatched. I am in love.

- Melanie L.

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