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As an immigrant, nostalgia for my home and childhood often guides me in the foods and flavors I enjoy. I look for things that taste "just like my grandma made it." This Dill Pickle salt reminds me of all the family gatherings, birthdays, and weddings where the table, according to Slavic tradition, is filled to the brim with various foods. It reminds me of being a carefree child munching on a pickle amidst a booming celebration. This salt is ideal for pickling, marinades, meat rubs, as a topping on a baked potato,for pelmeni, hearty soups and much more. I hope it will inspire you to create dishes to share with your community!

Vlasta's Dill Pickle Salt

Josu Just Salt

Josu Garlic Chive Salt

What's in Vlasta's Bundle 

Vlasta's Dill Pickle Salt

Josu Just Salt

Josu Garlic Chive Salt

Dill Pickle Salt

Packed with traditional Eastern European flavors, this salt is ideal for pickling, marinades, hearty soups, and as a topping on baked potatoes.

About Vlasta

An Ezya and Slavic immigrant, Vlasta creates multimedia content around cultural knowledge, food, and traditions with the intention of inspiring a connection to nature and community.

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Vlasta's Dill Pickle Salt

Josu Just Salt

Josu Garlic Chive Salt

What Our Customers Say

Delicious Dilly!

 Absolutely love the dill pickle salt. I’ve used it on oven roasted potatoes, chicken, and every other savory dish I make. Sometimes I just open the jar and smell it when I’m in the kitchen. It’s that delicious.

Dava G.

Verified Buyer

For pickle fans for sure!!

This added such tasty flavor to my food. I can see this adding so much tangy dill garlic goodness to cooking. I want this on everything!


Verified Buyer

You know the scene in Ratatouille where the food critic, Anton Ego, has that flashback to his childhood when he has the ratatouille? That is the exact same thing that happened to me when I used the salt for the first time. This particular recipe brought back memories of summers in the southern Polish highlands, Podhale, with my Babcia and the rest of the family, eating pickles and kielbasa by the fire until late into the night. I'm definitely going to be reordering this salt whenever I run low. 5 stars!

Zofia S

Verified Buyer

Why Josu?

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Vlasta favorite salts are my favs too

Absolutely LOVED. Had to reorder today cause I’m nearly out. So good on breads, cold salads, the options are truly endless. I smoked baby back ribs rubbed with the garlic chive and it was beyond delicious.

- Janis S.

Super Delicious - Must Have Salts for Your Kitchen

All the Josu salts are full of flavor on their own and enhance the flavor of whatever I add them to. Soups, meats, pasta, salad, fresh sliced heirloom tomato (a fave!), I'm reaching for the Josu Salts. Highly recommend!

- Celeste S.

Best salt ever!

This salt blend has literally changed my life. The added flavor boost that it gives to my normal everyday dinners is unmatched. I am in love.

- Melanie L.

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