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The is the bundle I use for my home cooking: a salt for every use. Just Salt to finish any dish, though I think it's particularly good for chocolates and desserts. Garlic Chive to enhance the flavor of anything from a morning scramble to your daily meal prep. Savory Mushroom for when you need that added boost of umami, this pairs incredibly well with a steak! Lastly, Kimchi salt for when you are looking to add a unique twist on any dish.

Kimchi Salt

Garlic Chive Salt

Savory Mushroom Salt

Just Salt


What's in Roice's Bundle

Just Salt

Just Salt (just like it sounds) adds texture and enhances the flavor of anything you add it to, especially sweet treats and chocolates!

Savory Mushroom Salt

Umami is hard to develop in dishes, and can take hours if not days to properly extract out of foods. With this salt you can skip those hours and go straight to the umami. I like adding this one to steaks and then making a pan sauce with it.

Josu's Garlic Chive Salt

This salt allows you to skip the steps of peeling garlic, and dicing your chives. Its instant flavor added straight to any savory dish.

Kimchi Salt

One of the most underrated flavors in my opinion. Kimchi is another one of those foods/ flavors that takes time to develop. With this salt you get all the kimchi flavor with non of the kimchi time!

About Roice

Roice is a former science teacher turned chef. He brings his science background into the kitchen and uses it to teach his audience how to elevate their everyday dishes. He has a passion for sourcing the highest quality products whether it be ingredients, or cookware and takes a scientific approach to everyday cooking.

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Why Josu?

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Best New Spice in My Spice Rack

Smells exactly like kimchi, and added to hoisin makes an excellent dipping sauce. You can't go wrong with this salt!

- Caitlin W.

Super Delicious - Must Have Salts for Your Kitchen

All the Josu salts are full of flavor on their own and enhance the flavor of whatever I add them to. Soups, meats, pasta, salad, fresh sliced heirloom tomato (a fave!), I'm reaching for the Josu Salts. Highly recommend!

- Celeste S.

Best salt ever!

This salt blend has literally changed my life. The added flavor boost that it gives to my normal everyday dinners is unmatched. I am in love.

- Melanie L.

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