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Growing up in a foodie family, my parents always said “food has to be salted properly to be any good”. And yet, I never realized the real importance of salt and how GOOD Korean salt was until I started taking cooking seriously as a food blogger.  

So I was thrilled when Hae-Sin and Parker approached me for a collaboration.  Our Seoul BBQ Salt and Korean Chili Salts are the flavors I use in my kitchen.  

It brings me great joy to share these.  From my kitchen to yours.  Come visit Kimchimari.com to learn how to use them.

Josu x Kimchimari Seoul BBQ Salt

Josu X Kimchimari Korean Chili Salt

Josu 5-Year Aged Salt

Josu x Kimchimari 
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Kimchimari's Seoul BBQ Salt

Create your Korean BBQ at home with some meats, our Seoul BBQ Salt, and some fresh tangy salad using our Korean Chili Salt. That’s all you need to create the fabulous Korean BBQ you've dreamed about since your last visit to a Korean BBQ restaurant.

Want a lazy dinner idea?  Grill unseasoned thin slices of beef, pork, chicken, or seafood with some sesame oil, then use Seoul BBQ Salt as a dip. Add some kimchi, rice, or Ssam (lettuce wraps) for a tasty meal that takes minutes.

Or leave traditional Korean cuisine behind and try sprinkling this on steak, salmon, or chicken with some olive oil or sesame oil. Grill it, panfry it – it tastes amazing!!

Kimchimari's Korean Chili Salt

Korean Chili Salt is great for making light refreshing Korean-style salads (muchim) or simply for seasoning vegetables for more of a kimchi-like dish (with the addition of fresh garlic). The amazing blend of salt, Korean red chili powder (gochugaru), and onion will give you that extra little spice kick that you will love just on anything.

Try it on vegetables with some oil then saute or grill it. Steam your veggies then sprinkle some of this magic salt then a splash of lemon juice or vinegar to give it life.

To make a kimchi-like dish, sprinkle the salt along with some fresh garlic and fish sauce on whatever veggies you want to use.  Then let it sit for a few minutes. You will have a wonderful fresh Kimchi (we call it Geojeori) that you can eat without fermentation.

Josu 5-Year Aged Salt

Let's just say I agree with Mark Bitterman In his book about salt.  He describes Korean cheonilyeom as "having not the slightest trace of bitterness, ... but rather something suggesting the sweetness of tropical fruits tamed down..…".  It's mellower and even more tasty after aging for 5 years.  -JinJoo

Hi! My name is JinJoo! I am the blogger/photographer/stylist/recipe maker behind the Korean food blog Kimchimari. I’ve spent 10 years now trying to make the Korean food I learned from my dad and sisters (and sometimes my mom and brother) accessible to everyone. I make simplified recipes that remain traditional and totally Korean.

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Josu 5-Year
Aged Salt

Korean Chili Salt

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I loved the flavor of the citrus and aged salt. All of the salts I have tried were delicious and balanced. They pair great with almost everything I have tried them on. The company is responsive and delivery is fast.

- Janis S.

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All the Josu salts are full of flavor on their own and enhance the flavor of whatever I add them to. Soups, meats, pasta, salad, fresh sliced heirloom tomato (a fave!), I'm reaching for the Josu Salts. Highly recommend!

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This salt blend has literally changed my life. The added flavor boost that it gives to my normal everyday dinners is unmatched. I am in love.

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