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For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved condiments. Now, I've MADE MY OWN with Hae-Sin and Parker at Josu Salts. This salt will satisfy your sweet & salty cravings without adding any sugar. Initially hitting you with a salty kick, your taste buds are left with the comforting, warming flavors of both vanilla and cinnamon.

Condiment Claire

Claire’s Favorites Bundle

Cinnamon Vanilla Salt (obviously), Plus Josu's Just Salt and Garlic Chive Salt

What customers are saying...

Thomas H.

Verified Buyer

United States

The best salt ever

This salt is so good for adding just a little bit extra! Sprinkle it on cookies, pastries, or even your morning coffee. It adds just that little bit extra to everything you put it on

Marney .R

Verified Buyer

United States

Love this salt

I love  the flavor explosion from each ingredient in the salt. The salt shape makes it a distinct flavor and crunch. It is a nice addition to anything I add it to especially my tomato sandwiches. Can't wait to order more flavors.

Jane J.

Verified Buyer

United States

The best flavor

Light and bright with large crystals. Great for your salted caramel ice cream... trust me ;)

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Claire's Salt

Just Salt

Garlic Chive Salt

About Josu

All of our salt comes from our fourth-generation family farm on the island of Imjado in South Korea. Our flavors are usually inspired by Korean cuisine, but occasionally, when we find people we really like, we create something entirely new. Like Claire's Cinnamon Vanilla. It's our very first collaboration. We hope you like it!

We love to share meals and explore the world, one delicious bite at a time.