Work with us

We love working with creators.  Creator partnerships help us meet new customers, try new flavors and learn how others tell the story of Josu.  

If you are a customer and know a creator who you think might enjoy our salt, email with your ideas.  

We have three ways of working with creators:

  1. If you are a creator with 25,000 followers and love talking about food, we are happy to send you our salt to use, no strings attached.  
  2. If you like our salt and want to share it with your followers, we have a generous affiliate program so you can earn based on sales.  
  3. If you are really moving the needle with affiliate sales, we'd likely be interested in developing a new flavor of salt (or two) with you.  These flavors are cobranded and comarketed.  Check out our flavors with Claire, Becca, Joanne, Mei and Kyong and Vlasta, just to name a few.  You can bring your followers along on the entire journey from developing the flavor through launch and beyond.   So far the biggest check we’ve sent to a creator is $8,500 for a single drop (and we’d love to do more). 
If any of these are of interest to you, please reach out to