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"As a blended culture family we are passionate about bringing the foods of various cultures together and sharing it with the world. We love that Josu stands for the same thing."

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Pappu Podi Salt

As a chef of over a decade, showing love and connection through food defines me. As a new mom, exploring food with my son and husband brings me the greatest happiness. These two worlds have been colliding as I have been working to put together a family recipe book to hold our family’s food history. Pappu Podi is a spice mix we use on a regular basis at home. Most commonly on Dosa in the morning, but it has innumerable applications. My husband, Sathya, is from Tamil Nadu - a state in Southern India. As I have come to learn since we have been together, Southern Indian food, specifically, can be a bit of a challenge to find in the states. Both in restaurants and ingredients for home. Working with Josu to create a beautiful product that not only gives representation to my son’s heritage, but also shares a big piece of our life at home with you all has brought me so much pride. Fun fact: our son’s nickname is Pappu - a term from my husband’s family language Telugu, an endearing way to call him ‘lentil’.

About Ali

I am a professional chef and content creator living in the Seattle area with my husband, infant son, and 60-pound puppy. I have been working in the restaurant industry for the last decade, learning how to cook at spots like NOPA and Octavia, and now spend my days creating content sharing my love of food – and my family's love of Tin Fish – with the masses. 

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Vlasta favorite salts are my favs too

Absolutely LOVED. Had to reorder today cause I’m nearly out. So good on breads, cold salads, the options are truly endless. I smoked baby back ribs rubbed with the garlic chive and it was beyond delicious.

- Janis S.

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All the Josu salts are full of flavor on their own and enhance the flavor of whatever I add them to. Soups, meats, pasta, salad, fresh sliced heirloom tomato (a fave!), I'm reaching for the Josu Salts. Highly recommend!

- Celeste S.

Best salt ever!

This salt blend has literally changed my life. The added flavor boost that it gives to my normal everyday dinners is unmatched. I am in love.

- Melanie L.

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