5-Flavor Salt Set


Are you looking for something salty? Savory? Not sure what you need, but you know your meals need something? The Josu Salt five-pack is for you. Stock up on one of each of our five flavors and have all your bases covered no matter what you're cooking up.

Here's what's in there:

- Just Salt
- 8-Year Aged Salt
- Garlic Chive Salt
- Mushroom Gamchil Salt
- Halmuni's Kimchi Salt

What does it mean to be mineral-rich?
While ordinary table and kosher salts are made up of 100% sodium chloride, our salts contain a range of minerals essential for good health. Our traditional and natural process results in a precious Korean grey salt, that boasts some of the highest concentrations of calcium, potassium, and magnesium of any edible salt in the world.